Process Analysis & Project Management
We help you and your project team identify where changes should be made, what tools your organization needs to meet tomorrow’s challenges and how to get the project done successfully:

  • Business Process Analysis
  • User Needs Analysis
  • Job Task Analysis
  • Business Process Re-engineering Plans
  • Project Implementation Plan Development
  • Senior Project Management

Technical and Corporate Documentation
We produce professional quality custom products that are user-friendly, comprehensive, relevant, and complete:

  • User Manuals
  • Job Aids and Quick Reference
  • Self-paced Tutorials
  • Instructor Guides and Presentation Material
  • Marketing Brochures
  • Corporate Policies and Procedures
  • Employee Handbooks
  • Technical Support Manuals and Decision Tools
  • Computer-based Training
  • Multi-Media and Web-based Training
  • On-line Help Systems
  • Electronic Performance Support Systems

Training Presentation
We conduct on-site training at your facility or arrange, manage, and present off-site training sessions on a national basis:

  • PC Software Application Training
  • Enterprise System Training
  • Train-the-Trainer Programs
  • OJT Coaching Skills Training
  • Business Management Training
  • Personal Improvement Seminars

Technical Support Services
We provide on-site technical support your facility :

  • Local Area Network Set-up and Maintenance
  • Software procurement, installation, and management
  • Hardware procurement, set-up, and trouble-shooting
  • Data Back-up process and tools